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Train 3 - 11 hours per week in all styles of dance.  Compete off-island 3-4 times per year. Work hard, make great friends and be a part of a winning team!   Click here for more...

Really wow the crowd by adding acrobatic tricks and lifts to your repertoire.  Our certified teachers will help you achieve what you never thought possible.  


Our experienced, professional teachers provide quality instruction in Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap, Acro, Ballet, Contemporary and Lyrical dance.  Home of our award winning Competitive Dance Program.

Explore rhythm while having a blast making music with your feet.  Tap teaches control and musicality while reinforcing jazz technique.


Strength, style and a ton of attitude, what makes our hip hop stand out is the amazing stalls and b-boy technique.

There is something for everyone at Down East Dance:

You will never have to sit through a boring dance recital at Down East Dance Academy.  We are famous for our action packed shows full of fast turns, big leaps and daring stunts.  Fabulous costuming, skill, artistry, comedy and a huge amount of talent make for an amazing showcase.  Patrons travel from all over PEI to see our show at the King's Playhouse in Georgetown.

The ultimate in dance conditioning, ballet elevates your training in all other disciplines - build strength, flexibility, posture and technique.

Located in Montague, PEI


Competitive Dance

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Hip Hop

Big kicks, fast turns and loads of style - jazz dance builds strong technique and leaves lots of room for self-expression.