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I love being a competitive dancer because I love the challenge of competing against other dancers that train the way we do. I love the feeling of being a part of a team and cheering for my teammates when they are on the stage!

                              - dancer age 12

This rigorous program demands hard work and commitment to fantastic attendance.  It will build a strong foundation for dancers that wish to pursue a career as a dancer, teacher or choreographer but also builds strong values like work ethic, determination, perseverance, self-confidence and humility.  Dancers develop a strong mind, body and important life skills.

All dancers in grades 1 to 12 are welcome to audition.  There are many spaces open to Minis (grades 1-3) this season.  Space is very limited on Junior, Intermediate and Senior teams for 2017-2018. 

Dance makes me feel free, it makes me feel unique. I know when I'm dancing on stage I'm doing something special that not everyone can do. I feel so confident in myself.

                                  - dancer, age 12

I love showing my talent on stage and showing people how much I love to dance. It has taught me so much and I feel like nothing can stop me from doing what I love!

                                - dancer, age 9

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What is competitive dance?

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Competitive dancers train 3 to 11 hours per week in at least 4 disciplines:  jazz, tap, acro, hip hop, ballet, lyrical, contemporary, partnering and lifts.

They attend 3 to 4 regional competitions annually with the possibility of attending a national competition for dancers who qualify.

April MacIntyre, Parent

Our dancers have competed at Candance, View Dance Challenge, Take the Stage, Millennium Dance Festival and many more. They have won many overall awards, first places, high scores and other special awards commending their hard work.  You can't always win, but there is always something to learn!

Fantastic Results


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What do I love about competitive dance?... I love that there is a safe place my daughters feel they belong when they arrive at class, that no matter what kind of day they had at school as soon as they step foot into the dance studio a huge smile appears on their faces! They feel a part of something big! Something important! A team! Competitive dance is even better than regular dance classes because they are rewarded for all their hard work, and when it doesn't quite go as planned they learn that's ok too...their team helps to pick them back up and cheer them on. 

Competitive Dance Program