Recital Tickets are on sale (for dance families only) May 2-5 at the end of each class and during photo sessions.  Please do not interrupt class to purchase tickets.  Tickets will also be available online after May 6th.  Tickets sell out quickly.

  • If your child has more than one routine and must change costumes during a show, they will require a skin color bodysuit to wear under their costumes.  There is NO PRIVACY for changing backstage.
  • All female dancers (unless they are wearing pants for their costume) will need tights to wear under their recital costume.  Please see below for the color/style your dancer will need.
  • Please arrive on Recital Performance day with costume on, hair done and makeup already applied.  For details see below.  Make-up is not be permitted backstage – it always stains something!
  • Space is extremely limited backstage.  Please respect arrival times (see below).  Parents are not permitted backstage unless absolutely necessary.  (Except for the Parent-assisted 9am class).  Preschoolers can be picked up at Intermission, all other dancers stay backstage for the whole show.



2019 Recital Information

Recital Dates:  Location – King’s Playhouse in Georgetown.

Friday May 24:  Walk through rehearsal from 4:00-8:00pm (Schedule will be announced)

Saturday May 25th @ 1:30pm Matinee Performance - Show #1
Saturday May 25th @ 5:30 Evening Performance -  Show #2
Sunday May 26th @ 1:30pm Matinee Performance - Show #3
Sunday May 26th @ 5:30pm Evening Performance - Show #4 

Saturday June 1st 1:30pm Matinee Performance - Show #5
Saturday June 1st 5:30 Evening Performance - Show #6
Sunday June 2nd 1:30pm Matinee Performance - Show #7
Sunday June 2nd 5:30pm Evening Performance - Show #8 


We are so excited to offer our students the opportunity to have their moment up on stage, with the lights and costumes; it’s such an amazing experience!  Here you'll find everything you need to know to be ready for the big day.

Watch Me Dancers
please meet backstage 10 mins prior to performance. 
All other classes please arrive 20 minutes prior to performance. 
If you have one quick change during the show, please arrive 40 minutes prior to performance.  
If you have several quick changes during a show, please arrive 1 hour prior to performance. 

Please respect these arrival times.  Staff are not available to supervise dancers before the scheduled times.  Students who have quick changes, need time to prepare their things, review the order of the show and talk to their class managers.  Thank you for helping us limit the amount of time students are waiting backstage; while making sure we are available to meet the needs of the dancers that have more demanding performance schedules.

 BACKSTAGE and PICK UP after the show:Parents are not permitted backstage (unless necessary under the circumstances, of course).   Space is very limited.  Students will be well looked after by our backstage staff/parent volunteers.  Dance for Kids students can be picked up at Intermission.  Please send ONE person to the stage door to retrieve your preschooler.  You are welcome to bring them in to sit on your lap for the rest of the show.  All other dancers are in the finale and should remain backstage for the duration of the show.  After the show, older dancers will meet you out in the ballroom area.  Younger dancers (Junior 1 classes) will meet you at the stage door.


What should my dancer bring to the recital?
Please pack a light snack (like plain crackers – nothing that stains!) a water bottle and dance shoes in a small bag (with name on it!).  Please wear the costume and tights for the first dance.  If dancing multiple times, remember to take other costumes and dance shoes and give them to our quick change crew so they can help you get ready for your other numbers.  Please do not bring make up, large bags or other items that could be lost or stolen.  Bags will be left unsupervised.

QUICK CHANGE : When a dancer is performing in 2 or more costumes in one show.
Parent Volunteers and older students will assist your child and make sure look great and get to where they need to go next.  These students will need a skin coloured bodysuit to wear under their costumes so they can change quickly and easily backstage.  There is only one bathroom backstage and it is in high demand.  Students are not permitted to change in the bathroom. Please see below for information on ordering tights and bodysuits. 

Demi-Pointe Dance Shop will be supplying our bodysuits and tights again this year.
They are super helpful and know what type of tights/bodysuits we require. 

Which tights does my daughter need?

Discover Dance, Watch Me Dance and all ballet students:  Pink Footed tights.  (any class that wears pink ballet slippers needs “pink” tights – they actually look white).  Inter/Senior dancers may use pink convertible tights if they wish.
Acro and Jazz students (who wear foot undies/half soled shoes):  Tan stirrup tights.  These will work for all other dances, except Ballet.  Ballet students will also need Pink Footed or Convertible Ballet tights.
Tap and Junior 1 and 2 Jazz (who still wear black jazz shoes):  Tan Footed Tights.  If your dancer is also in Acro, they only need tan stirrup tights.  Stirrup tights work for everything but they cost a little more, so if your dancer wears jazz or tap shoes you can save money by purchasing the footed tights.

Hip Hop students (who are not in other classes) do not need tights.


Female Ballet, Jazz, Tap and Acro dancers: Dancer’s bun.   Please secure hair in a ponytail with gel or hairspray and bobby pins and elastics that are similar to hair color.  Bun should be as flat as possible, with the bottom of the bun in line with the top of the ears.

Female Hip Hop dancers:  Braided High Pony.  If dancer’s need their hair changed backstage, we can arrange it, just mention it to one of the people at the quick change station when you arrive at the theatre.

Boys:  Long hair should be pulled back and kept off face.  Short hair should be styled with gel.

Short hair?   Please ensure hair is swept off face and tied back as securely as possible.​
Young dancer?  Do your best with what you have!  We will appreciate your efforts and your child will look precious on the stage no matter what!

PLEASE NO SOCK BUNS – THEY INTERFERE WITH MOVEMENT (unless your child is in preschool dance)

Please check out this video as an example of a dancer's bun:

MAKE-UP: The bright lights can make dancers look shiny or washed out.  A bit of powder and blush is a good idea for all students.  Girls can wear more makeup if they wish, a light brown eye shadow, red lipstick and mascara, if desired.  Please avoid black eyeliner and brightly colored eye shadow.  Dark red, pink or shiny, glossy lipsticks don’t look good under the stage lights.  Make up is not required. 

The type of shoe that is worn for class is the same type worn for recital.  Preschool dancers (Saturday mornings between 9:00-11:10) and ballet dancers need pink ballet slippers, Jazz dancers need black jazz shoes (except the classes that wear foot undies/half soled shoes).  Male ballet/preschool dancers can wear black ballet or jazz shoes.

UNDERGARMENTS:  The stage is an elevated, extremely well-lit surface, so please make sure students are wearing underwear that fits well under their costumes; avoid bright colors or designs that may show through.  If the dancer is wearing tights and a skin colored bodysuit, that is already two layers of undergarments under the costume itself and they do not need anything more.​


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