Competitive Dance

Junior 1 Jazz (K to Grade 1) 
This class offers a solid foundation in Jazz dance.  Following the internationally recognized ADAPT syllabus, Junior 1 is the perfect balance of technique and self-expression.  Students learn the value of hard work by gaining confidence and achieving independence on the dance floor.

Junior 2 Jazz 
For dancers with a minimum of one year’s experience, this Jazz class will continue to build from the techniques learned in Junior 1 and Junior 2 Jazz last season.  Students will grow in strength, flexibility and repertoire, while gaining confidence and independence as dancers and performers.

Junior 3 Jazz/Pre-Intermediate Jazz 
For experienced dancers, this class will challenge students to build from their solid base in Jazz to accomplish more with their dancing. They will continue to develop strength and flexibility and learn more complex combinations, turns and jumps.  Junior 3 and Pre-Intermediate 1 ADAPT Jazz Syllabus will be taught. Students will have the advantage of an extra teachers in this multi-level class.

Intermediate Jazz 
For dancers with a minimum of two year’s experience, this Jazz class will build upon skills acquired in Pre-Intermediate Jazz last season. Students will grow in strength and flexibility and learn more complex combinations, turns and jumps.

Senior Jazz  
This class is a high energy exercise in self expression. It’s fun and fast and has lots of attitude; while demanding strength, flexibility and stamina from its dancers.  Students must have previous dance experience.

Dancers may be bused to the studio if they attend Montague Consolidated School and are enrolled in the first dance class of the day.  Supervision will be provided until classes begin that day (Please see schedule).  Please pack your dancer a snack.  Cost is $5/day, billed monthly or annually.  Please sign up and pay for this service along with tuition at registration.

Junior Hip Hop and Acro (grade 2+)  

This new class is great for new dancers, but dancers with experience will have fun too.  Super fun with new hip hop combos every month with some time spent on handstands and round-offs so that we can have some awesome tricks in our year end routine!

Schedule 2017-2018

Afterschool Program  (Kindergarten to age 11)

Hip Hop   (Grade 1 to age 19)

Junior 1 Ballet (Kindergarten - Grade 1) 
New and novice dancers will enjoy this class.  Ballet encourages excellent posture, discipline, technique and fosters a lifetime appreciation for the arts, classical music and theatrical expression.    

Junior 2 Ballet (Grades 2-3) / Junior 3 Ballet (Grades 4-6)
This class is for dancers with a minimum of two years dance experience (any discipline).  It is designed for students who wish to improve their strength, flexibility and technique.   Ballet training builds discipline, excellent body alignment and tremendous balance.  It will be taught in two levels of difficulty simultaneously by two teachers working together.  

Junior 1-3 will be a split class this year.  Depending on the numbers, they are likely to be split into group for recital.

Intermediate Ballet (Ages 12+ including Adult)

This class is perfect for those who love to take class, but would rather skip recital and keep working on technique.  This class runs Sept to May but there will be no recital, no costume fees, just a focus on building technique and improving overall posture and flexibility.  Dancers will train alongside Intermediate and Senior Competitive Dancers.

Watch Me Dance (18 mths – 2 yrs) 
Watch Me Dance is a special class just for toddlers and their caregivers. Enjoy quality time together, exploring a variety of music and dance styles ranging from creative movement to Latin beats. Dance develops rhythm and musicality, facilitates proper alignment and neurological coordination as well as cognitive function. This class is highly beneficial to growing minds and bodies (good for grown up ones too!). 

Discover Dance (3-4 yrs) 
This class is an exploration of creative movement, ballet, jazz and acrobatic dance. This class offers a range of experiences that facilitate proper development, neurological coordination and provide an introduction to the concepts that are building blocks for future learning. The variety keeps things fun and interesting, while teaching discipline and encouraging positive self-expression.

Tap  (Grade 1 to age 19)

Hip Hop 1 (Gr 1 to 3) 
Hip Hop dance is a lot of fun, a great way to be active and foster discipline and self-confidence. Students will learn some awesome new moves, explore their creativity and develop their own style. Dance training increases cognitive functioning, strength and coordination, improving performance at school and in the arena or sports field.

Hip Hop 2 (Gr 4-6) 
Dancers with a minimum of one year’s dance experience will love this class.  It offers a whole new combination of moves, awesome footwork and tricks to master. Great for dancers who love hip hop and want to push themselves to achieve amazing results.

Teen Hip Hop (Jr/Sr High)

This new class offers commercial hip hop style to teens with or without dance experience.  New combos, up to date songs and choreo each week.  Enjoy dancing with your friends while building muscle and flexibility.  Don't spend your life being afraid to dance - learn how to look great, have fun and stand out in a crowd.

Looking for more of a challenge in hip hop?

Competitive Dance might be an option for you.  Click here for more information.

   feel the beat

Ballet           (Kindergarten  to age 19)

Preschool Dance    (18 months - 4 years)

Jazz           (Kindergarten  to age 19)

Acro Dance    (Kindergarten to age 19)

​Junior Tap Levels 1-3 (Gr 1 to 5) With Teachers Miss  Marie Lavergne and demonstrators Miss Marley and Miss Malorie

 ADAPT Tap levels 1, 2 and 3 will be covered.  Junior 1 Tap dancers have at least 1 year’s  previous dance experience.  Junior 2 or 3 Tap dancers have completed Junior 1 or 2.  Students love the style and personality of tap.  They learn rhythms and multiple sounds, quickly achieving their goals.  Students who take jazz and tap usually excel in both disciplines.

Intermediate Tap  *entrance based on experience
For experienced dancers who are interested in trying a new discipline or continuing their training after Junior Tap.  Tap is a wonderful challenge and a lot of fun, with many similarities to jazz, it is a natural addition to your dance repertoire.

For information on our award winning competitive dance program, please click here.

Junior 1 Acro (K-2)
Acrobatic dance is a fluid blend of dance and acrobatic elements.  Many elements are similar to gymnastics but the training method is based in dance technique. Acro dancers are strong, flexible and work together to perform amazing tricks.  Students should also be taking another dance class to continue to develop musicality and dance technique.

Junior 2 Acro (3-6) *entrance based on ability/experience
Students love the blend of dance and acrobatic elements.  Acro dancers are strong, flexible and  work together to perform amazing tricks.  Students should be taking another dance class in order to develop the dance technique they will need for the recital performance.

Junior 3 Acro (3-6) *entrance based on ability/experience.  Junior 2 and Junior 3 Acro can be taken simultaneously to boost Acro development.
Students must have 2 years dance experience and be enrolled in a Jazz class at their level.  This class will build on skills mastered in Junior 2 Acro to take your Acro dancer to the next level.

Intermediate Acro  (Junior High)
Students must have 2 years dance or gymnastics experience.  Students should also be taking Jazz or Ballet in order to develop their dance technique that will accompany the Acro skills in the recital routine.

Senior Acro (Senior High)
Students with over 3 years dance or gymnastics experience will enjoy this advanced class.  Dancers must be taking a jazz or ballet class at the senior level in order to participate.  Senior Acro dancers rely heavily on their other training to perform at this level.​

Regular Season begins Saturday Sept 9th

What to wear to class?

A dancer's attire changes based on the age and type of class.  We do not specify color, but we do have a guideline for ease of movement and teaching.  Click here for pics.