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To order ticket to our amazing annual recital, just select the number of tickets and the show from the drop down menus.  Then click ADD TO CART.  Do this multiple times if you wish to see multiple shows!  Click VIEW CART to confirm your order before purchasing.  Tickets will be available for pick up at the door at the King's Playhouse.  Tickets will be in envelopes under the Paypal or Credit Card account holder's name.  *In the event of overselling a sold out show, monies will be refunded.  Otherwise, there are no refunds or exchanges on ticket purchases.


                                                        MAY 27-28 RECITALS

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Tickets will be available for pick up at the door at the King's Playhouse.  Please check your email for order confirmation from Paypal, print or save to your device to collect tickets.  They will be marked with Paypal or credit card holder's name.

Performances take place at the King's Playhouse, in Georgetown PEI


Online Ticket Ordering is now closed.

All remaining tickets will be sold at the door

As of Saturday morning we have tickets left for both Saturday Shows (1:30pm and 5:30pm) and Sunday matinee Show at 1:30pm.  Sunday evening show is sold out.

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All 4 shows each weekend are completely different.

36 very special acts only appear once in all 8 shows.

See all 108 routines!  Order video and pictures at recital.  $25 each video or photo package.